Sunday, March 28, 2010

Prim Wish: Crochet Everything

Even when they aren't hosting a holiday, my mom and dad transform their house into a sort of whimsical outpost for anyone in need of a little festivity. This weekend it was Easter, interpreted by my parents as an impressionist mix of deep purple lace, ceramic eggs and woodland creatures.

In the process, my dad unearthed a nearly-ruined box in the basement, but he'd packed the contents in plastic. ("Because I'm neurotic that way," he said. I love it when family members recognize the strength in neuroses.) Inside was a set of gorgeous baskets my mom had macreméd from a waxy rope in the 80s. They got us reminiscing over all the crafting we did when I was small; ceramics, jewelry, clay and crocheting. Crocheting! It was like remembering an old friend who'd transferred schools. As a kid, being able to take a ball of yarn and create something unique was truly magical. It certainly still is, but I've lost the time or patience or maybe even soul needed to access that magic. I want it back.

As a first step, I turned to Etsy, via the fabulous Etsy Shops I Love blog for some nostalgic inspiration and was not disappointed. Meet Meekssandygirl.

Even though this Easter egg is cotton yarn, it takes me back to the days of real egg hunts, with actual hard-boiled eggs.

A crochet daffodil barrette is like eternal spring.

Unbelievably, there's a crochet Octopus's Garden with real freshwater pearls. The Beatles bring me back to Sunday morning crafting with my mom.

And this pink clover necklace is simply beautiful.

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