Friday, March 26, 2010

Prim Knickers Preps for a Bridal Shower

Is it okay to wear white to a bridal shower?

Because I have this great 80s dress, but it's white with a pink tea rose print. Probably not.

Showers are forever doomed to be celebrated in a fashion middle-ground: Somewhere between polite family affair and Friday night cocktails with the girls. It's enough to send anyone into an overthinking coma.

So if you don't see a new post in the next day or two you'll know I'm unconscious, barely visible amidst a heap of wrinkled H&M. But hopefully I'll pull through. I'm formulating an idea: beige. It's in and it's neutral without being boring. Perfect for almost anything. This Pictureshow Dress ($298) from Anthropologie would be a dream.

On the cute and more affordable side, there's the Bow Back Skater Dress ($45) from ASOS,

the Studded Woven Dress ($33) from Forever 21,

or, if you want to be truly one-of-a-kind, the sweet smocked-waist Boho Dress (starting at $10) from Twitch Vintage.

Invitation photo via Zazzle.

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