Monday, March 22, 2010

Prim Penny Pincher: Vintage Cameos

The state of the economy has done two things for my style. 1.) Whenever I get an accessory craving, I'm more conscious of what's "trendy" versus what's "classic." 2.) I'm raiding my mom's jewelry box way more than I used to.

With that, I recently acquired her old cameo pendant. I'm not sure why I wasn't drawn to it earlier. Cameos are the perfect answer to looking refreshingly original with a style that's everlasting.

According to Anna M. Miller's book, Cameos Old and New, the cameo came to life around 300 B.C. in Alexandria, Egypt. That is some serious longevity. Although mine is a lovely Victorian lady in white on a coral background, there are vintage cameos of every imaginable kind on eBay for every imaginable price. A few of my favorites:

Brown on black lady ring: starting at $2.50,
Goldtone lady pendant: starting at $1,
Dove ring: starting at $4.25,
Couple brooch: starting at $20,
Green glass lady brooch: starting at $25,
Flower brooch: $10,


  1. All so cute and gorgeous. Not really my style, so i never seem to buy them but i know some people can wear them and look P-E-Rfect!!


  2. Love how the cameo pendants looks on anything :) really like the ones you've posted.

  3. The all green one is my favorite. It is classic, but still a little quirky. I would definitely turn it into a pendant though. I'm not a brooch girl.