Monday, April 5, 2010

Prim Pairing: Black and Gold

I spent the long, wonderful weekend visiting loved ones. I should note; My number of loved ones seems to rise exponentially every few months. Not long ago one niece was toddling around and now there are four small humans in my circle, all under the age of 4.

They are adorable and gooey and gloriously riotous. They are joyful and sweet and passionate about everything, even socks. They are loud and require constant vigilance. They sometimes organize coups.

I want some of my own, eventually, and sometimes very poignantly. Whenever I get those achy feelings I tend to look over at my cat and wonder, guiltily, if she's enough. Then she'll do that thing where she flops over so I'll rub her belly, and I remember that she's plenty.

During one of this weekend's more brilliant uprisings--a youth-led ban on the institution of bathing--I wondered what warm, fuzzy, soundless thing she was doing at home. Her eyes are hypnotic gold, and her favorite spot in the house is a yellow-gold chair that nearly matches them. I'm deferring to her natural fashion sense for this post: elegant black and gold animal accessories.
Fox brooch: $45,
Owl ring: $13.50,
Rabbit necklace: $21,

Friday, April 2, 2010

Prim Wish: Uniform Project Accessories Auction

As Sheena's full year of wearing one LBD comes to an end, The Uniform Project has raised close to $70K for the Akanksha Fund, and is hoping to raise a little more by auctioning off a year's worth of impeccable accessories through eBay Giving Works.

Please visit the auction. Bidding ends April 8. If you win, you'll gain an amazing one-of-a-kind statement piece and the gratitude of the kids you'll be helping put through school. Here are some of my favorites.

Flower barrettes, starting at $10.

Red quilted linen circles necklace, bidding from $20.50.

Navy ruffled tank, bidding from $11.50.

Vintage grey pillbox hat, starting at $10.

And my absolute favorite, a red tiered ruffle skirt, bidding from $68.

And the best news of all? You can order one of 365 limited edition U.P. dresses here!